IEC61400-25 solution providers by alphabetical order:


  • Consulting, Seminars, Training and Interoperability testing.



  • Consulting, Seminars, Training and conformance testing.


Bachmann Electronic GmbH

  • Controller with IEC 61400-25 client and server functionality.

NettedAutomation GmbH

  • IEC 61400-25(IEC 61850) Starter and Evaluation Kit (DLL including server and client applications running on Windows, read more...
  • Consulting, Seminars and Training

Triangle MicroWorks Inc.

  • Software libraries available in ANSI C, C++ or .NET components) are used by vendors to cost effectively implement protocols directly in their hardware
  • Test Tools provide the ability to test servers; test clients; and configure Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files
  • SCADA Data Gateway used by system integrators and OPC Client/Server, Data concentrator, or protocol translator.
  • Web-based Training provides cost effective, self-paced protocol training for your entire site.